A cringe roast used by junior/middle school girls, boys still hate this roast.
Nathan: Hey whats up
Random ass girl: i know what you did to the maid
Nathan: SHUT UP
Random ass girl: I dont shut up i grow up and when i look at you i throw up
Nathan: ._.
by Stupidwordsuslessinourlives September 6, 2022
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You watch fucking TikTok for a living and you only exist because I spoke you into existence.
Hym "Nah bitch... I do not need to grow up. Me growing up has nothing to do with me being adequately compensated for services rendered, your status being elevated arbitrarily, or others being promoted preferentially. And that's what I'm talking about here. Those three things. Me doing things other than what I'm currently doing has nothing to do with any of that. YOU go work in the factory bitch. Older women than you already there. They love me (as long as I'm on Adderall).
by Hym Iam April 15, 2023
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A phrase commonly said by underage males after they have intercourse for he first time and are told that their penis was of small size
Person 1:When I Grow Up
Person 2:Dude Shut Up You Just Have A Small Dick
by I’m A Transgender Pansexual December 31, 2021
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