it sucks to grow up, but everybody does.... and we're still fighting it.
my best friend is growing up
by Melvin November 6, 2004
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Doing everything you said you wouldn't, and never doing all the things you said you would.
"Why does John always blow us off for school now? He never used to be like that."

"Dude, he's growing up."
by TCT1 April 20, 2010
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the realization that ones prior beliefs for the rest there life can and will not ever be possible.
Wallace gave up on music and love becuase he was growing up.
by TheCult January 26, 2006
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A term female celebrities will often use as an excuse to turn into a total slut/whore/courtesan/prostitute/harlot. They usually start their careers at a young age, with a fake innocent image. When they are close to their twenties, new, unneccessarily slutty and horrendous songs and music videos will be produced. More often than not, they will be hated by the world, contrary to their beliefs that they will sell even more. What a bunch of whores.

Another excuse from them would be things such as, "im just showing my true self, the innocent me is just a fake image"
In other words, they are nothing but a pure bred prostitute.
1)Britney Spears: So like, what do you think of my new video. Like, is it gooood?
Random man: You, my good woman, are an atrocious slut.
Britney Spears: omgwtfhaxx, im just growing up!

2)Christina Aguilera: Im like, soooo going to come up with a slutty and annoying song/video, just because im growing up
Random Man: Dude, what about your vocal talents(*whisper*if you even have any*whisper*)
Christina Aguilera: Dude, screw that, im actually a whore.
*sometime after her sales go down*
Christina Aguilera: Noooo, i aint no whore, im just experimenting with my image, see, look at my new music video.
by Narzhul October 21, 2006
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Grow up is phrase said to people who are acting like a bit of a chump and need to act their bloomin' age.
"Ha, ha! Look at me - "

"Grow up! You juvenile bastard!"
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Definition : marry the blonde you love
I need to grow up
by Des monald October 6, 2015
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When a person learns to stop

Playing videogames (especially with Nintendo)
Being a follower (get a unique persona)
Wasting their time on Facebook (Facebook is boring, you no life)
Acting ghetto (includes dressing ghetto and speaking ghetto)
Saying words like "dude", "nigga", "noob", etc. (believe me most people I know who use these words are unsuccessful in life)
Making their parents mad (learn to respect your parents)
Being a fucking asshole (stop making people upset)
Fantasizing about their relatives (you know you thought dirty about a relative, stop lying)
Being patriotic (if you think this country is the best in the world, you probably never traveled to other countries)
Eating kiddie food (ravioli,grilled cheese with American cheese,etc. )
Waking up late (the more early you show up, the more money you earn)
Sharing things like clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc. brothers/sisters (buy your own shit)
Using a cheap phone (get a fucking smartphone/android)
Caring about gossip (shut the fuck up and mind your own buisness)
Talkin lik dis(are you retarded or something?)
Dressing like a fruitcake (fucking weird)
Eating fast food (you know the people who like McDonalds right?)
Stop being one of the "popular" kids (most "popular" kids usually end up being losers)
Being lazy (self explanatory)
Getting acne breakouts (get Proactiv already)
Taking a bath (only take baths when you´re with someone else)
Being a pussy (get some confidence)
Bob: What the fuck happened to J? He doesn´t want to play videogames anymore!

Mr. Mann(teacher): He´s growing up. I could see him getting a mansion, beautiful wife, being successful for the rest of his life, and passing it down to his kids. You should look up to him.

Bob: Cool story bro, I´ll ask him on Facebook

Mr.Mann: He told me he deleted his Facebook

Bob: Shit he did! I guess he IS growing up...
by I´mYoGrandpaSoListenUp February 26, 2012
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