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This is the shit that Proactiv put me through

2 weeks just to get "the package"

10 fucking minutes just to finish the "3 Steps"

The "3 Steps" are complicated as fuck

I have to apply the fucking treatment TWICE a dah

Dry ass skin

Green Tea Moisturizer doesn´t do shit

1 whole month just to get results

The people who try to sell you Proactiv on the phone try to sell you way too many shit


They sent me some "magic pills" called Vitaclear which turned my piss bright yellow


Sometimes I get lazy when I´m using Proactiv because of all the shit mentioned above

Was it worth it? Fuck no. Did I get results? Yes, but it took too long to get results. Is it worth buying? Only if you´re desperate to get rid of acne. I think it´s overrated and customers don´t tell Proactiv all the shit it puts them through. But hey, at least my acne is gone(for now)
*J is watching TV*

Commercial Announcer: Clear skin is sexy skin. Buy Proactiv now!

*J gets up to look at the mirror*

J sees his utterly disgusting acne

J: Damn I need to order that shit!

2 weeks later

J: Finally no more asshole acne!

3 days later


J takes a break from using Proactiv for 3 days

3 weeks later

J: Damn look at my skin! All that´s left is acne scars. Apparalenty Proactiv has something for that too...
by I´mYoGrandpaSoListenUp February 28, 2012
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1. Someone who is scared to use profanity

2. Someone who doesn´t feel comfortable with using profanity

3. Someone who doesn´t use profanity on a regular basis

4. Someone who never used profanity

5. Someone who references "bad words", like fuck, as the F-word

6. Someone who thinks the words like "damn" and "ass" are "bad words"
Nigga (fo´ shigga)

Hey look, I used profanity you Profanity Pussy
by I´mYoGrandpaSoListenUp February 28, 2012
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An attractive woman who´s physical appearence is

*Not a shitload of time spent on hair
*No make-up (lipstick not included)
*A-C cup (D cup means the woman had some work done on her milk glands)
*No abs (abs are utterly disgusting on a woman´s belly, I don´t know why you women think guys think abs are attractive)
*Not "Paris Hilton skinny"

*Not fat. Ok fine, maybe a tiny amount of fat. Thats it.
*Medium-Large Ass. (Not too large or it will be assumed that work has been done on it.)
*Somewhat thicker legs. Not fat bitch legs.
*Small feet (Compared to a man´s feet)
You know the story of Adam and Eve? Look at a pic of Eve fully naked. That is what a woman is supposed to look like. All natural and beautiful. Not those skinny tramps over in Hollywood.
by I´mYoGrandpaSoListenUp February 23, 2012
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To do start doing something that has been popular amongst people for quite a while.
J: Hey Ronald it´s about time you´re getting a phone!
Ronald: Yeah I´m really excited!
J: Cool story bro. What phone are you getting?
Ronald: Hmm...maybe an iPhone...
J: Um...WHY?
Ronald: Because everyone has it!
J: Not really. There are many other phones to buy and you choose that because "everyone has it"? You are such a fucking follower...!
by I´mYoGrandpaSoListenUp February 23, 2012
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Basically it means to have racist feelings to other ethnicities but not show it to ANYONE at all. This may lead to arguments with 2 people of a different race, but not necessarily about racism, although that is the reason why they´re arguing

Two forms of inner-racism are

A. To stereotype someone. YES THIS IS INNER-RACISM.

B. To be afraid of a specific ethnic group.
Tj (thinking to himself): I bet this white boy is gonna say something corny
Tj: Hey Bill, what´s up?
Bill: The sky?
Tj: Uh huh...
Tj (thinking to himself): Of course
Bill: Are you hungry?
Tj: Yeah bro
Bill (thinking to himself): I bet he wants some KFC
Bill: How about some KFC?

Bob arrives in Puerto Rico via plane.
Bob looks at the Puerto Rican natives.
Bob (thinking to himself): These people need to be "Americanized". These traditions are stupid
Juan, a Puerto Rican, watches Bob uneasily
Juan (thinking to himself): Look at that fucking American. Imperialist bastard!

Coincidently, Juan and Bob are working on a project together. All is friendly on the outside, but in the inside, they just fucking hate eachother.

Let´s be honest everyone has inner-racism
by I´mYoGrandpaSoListenUp February 24, 2012
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When a person learns to stop

Playing videogames (especially with Nintendo)
Being a follower (get a unique persona)
Wasting their time on Facebook (Facebook is boring, you no life)
Acting ghetto (includes dressing ghetto and speaking ghetto)
Saying words like "dude", "nigga", "noob", etc. (believe me most people I know who use these words are unsuccessful in life)
Making their parents mad (learn to respect your parents)
Being a fucking asshole (stop making people upset)
Fantasizing about their relatives (you know you thought dirty about a relative, stop lying)
Being patriotic (if you think this country is the best in the world, you probably never traveled to other countries)
Eating kiddie food (ravioli,grilled cheese with American cheese,etc. )
Waking up late (the more early you show up, the more money you earn)
Sharing things like clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc. brothers/sisters (buy your own shit)
Using a cheap phone (get a fucking smartphone/android)
Caring about gossip (shut the fuck up and mind your own buisness)
Talkin lik dis(are you retarded or something?)
Dressing like a fruitcake (fucking weird)
Eating fast food (you know the people who like McDonalds right?)
Stop being one of the "popular" kids (most "popular" kids usually end up being losers)
Being lazy (self explanatory)
Getting acne breakouts (get Proactiv already)
Taking a bath (only take baths when you´re with someone else)
Being a pussy (get some confidence)
Bob: What the fuck happened to J? He doesn´t want to play videogames anymore!

Mr. Mann(teacher): He´s growing up. I could see him getting a mansion, beautiful wife, being successful for the rest of his life, and passing it down to his kids. You should look up to him.

Bob: Cool story bro, I´ll ask him on Facebook

Mr.Mann: He told me he deleted his Facebook

Bob: Shit he did! I guess he IS growing up...
by I´mYoGrandpaSoListenUp February 26, 2012
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The guy with the TV show that many of us used to watch as a little kid. At times he´s a bit weird, but he definitely gets all the women.
J: Holy shit Mr. Rogers! I love you man. No gay shit!

Mr. Rogers: Nice to see that the kids give me appreciation. Oh pardon me...one of my wives just called me...

Mr. Rogers answers the phone

J(thinking to himself): Mr. Rogers is my hero
by I´mYoGrandpaSoListenUp February 26, 2012
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