Bulgarian pop star from the early 2000s, distinguished by his hirsute and morbidly obese appearance, form-fitting violet suits, and abusive relationship with his 34-year old Azeri stepfather Anar Mamedyarov. Rose to prominence with hits "Only My Heart," "Two Make One," and "Perestroika" before suffering a career-destroying humiliation at Eurovision 2003, where he proposed marriage to Icelandic transvestite Hrjvac Siggurdsen under the presumption that the latter belonged to the fairer sex.
Bulgarian Pop News Channel One: Kronya Bulgakova! Kronya Bulgakova! Is it true you have resumed your relationship with National People's Artist Grobis Tarkovich?
Kronya: What are you talking about? Our marriage was annulled on grounds of irreconcilable difference. I wouldn't sleep with that sad sack if he paid me four new rubles. Now I am a second mistress of the potent and odious Anar.
by Pernicious Lim December 18, 2018
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Another term for a Josh Groban groupie. See also Grobanite
There can be fierce competition amongst the Grobies at a concert.
by Susabar December 26, 2008
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Full of lads who want to be drug dealers and nitty girls who skive lessons to smoke on the shale.

Dan Wilton touches kids
Groby college is a shithole
by Zootgang January 22, 2020
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eye drops specially formulated to combat thud dry eyes as a result of staring at the gorgeous countenance of teh groban.
1. marlee coined the phrase "grobie drops" to heal sara's dried out josh staring eyes.

2. ouch my eyes damn thats hot. pass the grobie drops!
by sara April 15, 2005
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A sexual act when one inserts a toe or toes into their partners rectum for pleasure or for practical jokes.
"Woah! Dude what was that?? It felt so good, and it made me laugh!!!"

"I just though it would a good time to give you a groby toeby bro!"
by pierogiemaster April 30, 2011
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A school full of teachers who think they’re funny, and kids who think there hard. The kids vape in the kids vape in the toilets and think they’re hard when in reality they wear BooHoo Man tracksuits there mum bought them. The year 9 girls are all emo and goths, they think they are aliens with no gender.
you go to Brookvale Groby High School? Hahah what a faggot
by Mr King’s kiddy draw November 30, 2021
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A school with slaggy year sevens, boys who think their hard, sketty bitches that skive the go vape in the humanities toilets and people shag in the bushes
Mr king -' hey babe do you go to Brookvale Groby learning campus because I would love to tap that! '
You - no you fucking nonce
by GayBitch1010 February 6, 2022
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