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A dingleberry that has become detached and remains where it falls for someone to discover.
Agggggh, I just found a groban in the spare bedroom, the cat must have left it on the carpet for us to find! I thought I saw a dingleberry dangling from his anal fur earlier today!
by Daytime Neologist December 10, 2013
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A whining sniveling woman with multiple cats, who is easily upset, and prone to overreacting. Derived from the fans of the abysmal, awful, adult contemporary singer Josh Groban.
Person 1: " I really can't be friends with Bernadette any more. She never goes out she just cries at home and pets her cats all day."

Person 2: " Yea, she's really such a Groban."
by I hate the Groban October 27, 2007
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To Groban someone is to fart while receiving a blow job from someone and pushing their head down to choke on your dick at the same time.

This term comes from the fact that Josh Groban looks like he is a dick and would most certainly cram someone's head down and fart during a blow job.
My chick complains that I fart too much, so I made her choke on it whike blowing me and farted at the same time... I totally Grobanned her.
by dubbglenn July 26, 2019
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