A fan or follower of Josh Groban, new superstar in the "popera" genre.
What a Grobanite! I'll bet they've even got a Josh stand-up in their living room.
by Kourtnee March 13, 2004
A Grobanite can be characterized as a rapid woman or man who enjoys the auricle ecstacy of Josh Groban's harmonious voice. Many of them rampage through the streets in the pursuit of being 'Joshed'

See Joshed Grobanitis and/or obsessed
Josh Groban's fans are known as Grobanites.

I think the Grobanites are beginning to scare Josh.
by Jel-kaj January 22, 2004
someone who thinks Josh Groban is the greatest person on the face of the planet. when someone ask who their celebrity crush is, they respond Josh Groban with out a pause. They listen to every album, and watch every horrible tv special featuring Josh Groban. If you say anything negative towards Josh Groban, they will never speak to you again. they are usually overly nice people, and sheltered kids.
steve: omg i checked her cd case and all she had was Josh Groban.

jim: what a grobanite
by rocketman1776 February 6, 2010