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Grizzling is a particularly repulsive form of crying; usually done by children but sometimes by adults particularly molly piss men. It's a thoroughly unpleasant whinging, whining, bout of self-pity accompanied by oceans of tears, a swollen face and large dribbles of snot. The person doing the grizzling expects sympathy and hugs but should be kept beyond arms reach with a forked vermin stick and consigned to a distant planet at the earliest opportunity.
Malcolm's grizzling again!
Thank fuck I'm off to the States this afternoon!
by Croatalin February 01, 2014
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Can be used to describe a sound or an emotional state.

Is mainly used to describe a state where someone is complaining and/or going on about something, past the point where they should have gotten over it.
I feel so ill, I stayed up till 3:30 (watching 30 rock)
heard ***** come in merrily drunk and opened my eyes from my power nap. Left home at 8:16am!!!!! Forgot to hang my washing up so had to iron my clothes dry
nearly died in the meeting - four hours!
I am now at my desk grizzling at my self induced headache and sore back grrrrrr

ps who is up for a drinky somewhere tonight - I think a few peeps will be out.
by PaulinChina December 23, 2009
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