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Derived from the word 'Niggerish' the term Grish is commonly used in todays western society to describe a person or an action that is of a stereo typical gangsta style african american (which could be bad or good).

Note: grish can also be used in many forms usualy refering to the aftermath of a situation

Sub: Grish, Grish-ist, Grish-ing, Grished, Grishes, Grisher.
'I just picked up some weed and it looked pretty grish, and when I smoked some it was mad Grish.

'I saw some niggas daggerin and it was the Grishist shit I ever seen'

'He just grishes his way through life'

'Dog you just grished my pile off the motha fuckin table, right onto the mutha fuckin floor. Are you outta yo god.. dang .. mind!?'

'Grocery bag boy!?' "OH YOU AINT HERD NIGGA, I AINT INTO BAGGIN GROCERYS IM INTO BAGGIN BITCHES AND YOU BETTER WATCH OUT BEFORE I BAG ONE OF YOURS" 'Bitch.. you couldn't direct my hoes through traffic even if the lights was workin motha fucka...' (....) 'Hey! ey bag boy..' 'I see this bitch on the track again imma grish her pockets, imma grish her pur, then im gonna grish her motha fuckin throat fool'

'Oooh shit playa, the niggas be grishin up in here, Its gettin grisher by the minute, lets see who ends up fuckin some grished out bitch tonight'
by SinD January 04, 2012
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when one carefully takes the legs of a female and spreads them open completely. Once this has been accomplished, take a weapon of your choice(preferrably a tree stump or log) and violently attempt to stuff her vagina with it. This is common practice for me and other males who sport 10 by 10s and the girls pussy is too small to take the beating.
She was too tight, so I grished
by JIM HAT October 14, 2004
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The lower half of an adult male's face; usually accompanied by an untamed growth of facial hair.
Hey is that bigfoot in the woods? Nevermind, it's just D and his dirty grish.
by grishdefinition April 20, 2009
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When someone is pissed off they can be described as Grish. This comes from the word 'Grrr' (that shows anger) and the suffix 'ish' used on many adjectives.
He made me so anoyed it was like so Grish!
by _flake July 31, 2006
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A master chess player, usually the Indian species, funny, sometimes annoying, owns elephants, pecocks, lion, camels. Best accent, smart. Thinks he is good at football. Says the stupidest things. Vain aswell.
by Grish inthusiest October 09, 2018
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