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The Fabrique Nationale M249 is the US Army's standard-issue squad automatic weapon (SAW/light machine gun). It fires the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, and can accept either linked ammo or M-16 compatible magazines. It weighs 23 lbs loaded, 20 empty. It's intended for suppressive fire, not accurate point fire, and therefore comes equipped with a built-in bipod for spraying Charlies at long range. Standard US military doctrine is to issue one M249 for every 4-man fire team (two or three M249s per squad).

The M249 Para variant features a folding stock and a shorter barrel. It is designed for paratroopers, who naturally prefer its compact dimensions. However, the Para is most often spotted in the hands of hyperactive 13-year-olds playing that Counter-Strike game.
Corporal, I see dirty terrorists coming up the street. Keep their heads down with your SAW while I go around back and flank em with the rest of the squad.
by Tronno November 11, 2004
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The fine line between psychosis and genius is measured only by the quantity of bullets that you dispatch from this gun into your victim.
It's essentially a big-ass machine gun with all the trimmings.
by MPseMp July 13, 2005
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The M249 SAW is the primary killing weapon of U.S. Infantry squads. The SAW is an air-cooled, belt-fed or magazine fed, gas-operated automatic weapon that fires 5.56mm ammunition. It has a regulator for selecting either cyclic fire (725 rpm) or sustained fire (1000 rpm). Unloaded it weighs roughly 15.2 pounds. Loaded with a 200 linked rounds it weights approximately 22 pounds. While it fires smaller rounds than the main platoon automatic weapon, the M240B, it weighs less and is more efficient for squad based operations.
Mechanized Whitlow unloaded his M249 into those bastards and cut them to shreds.
by PFC Mick January 23, 2006
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The M249 SAW is the Current Heavy Weapon of Choice for the Army
It fires a 5.56 by 45mm Round
in a 100 round Belt. It is Lighter than the M-60 But dose have the Big Bold Look and Knock Down power of the 7.62
The "SAW" has Also been converted to the M249 PARA... this Gun is the Same without a Stock... it is Featured in Counter Strike
The Terrorist Had a M249 Para But i was Farther Away with the M4A1 and i Smoked His ass
by pipewoofer January 15, 2004
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In CSGO, the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. You only use it if you misclick, nothing else.

Teammate has left the game (Voted off)
by Abyss the Hybrid January 13, 2021
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