A player, typically in a multiplayer videogame, who does not play to win, but to cause as much greif and frustration foe the other players as possible, even to the detriment of their own success in the game.
God, that guy is such a greifer. He just sits at the finish line and rams everyone out of the way before they can pass him. He's not even participating in the race, he's still on lap one.
by Bob Surewood July 17, 2016
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Term for one, espically in the MMFPS PlanetSide that shoots his own team, and thereby accumulates Greif points.
stay away from TyrTheAlpha, he is a greifer!

by Scythan August 18, 2003
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Greifer(s) 1: A person in World of Warcraft, who would proceed to spread a plauge that kills all low level players via infecting them with a debuff known as Corrupted Blood. aka "dickfuck".

(2) A person who is greiving over the loss of their significant other (lover,mother,pet,clown,seal/aquatic lifeform)
(1) *In WOWspeak* "ZOMFG greifer just debuffed IF, NUBZURZ GET OFF TEH PLANET OR I KICK YUR AZZ"

(2) "gee im sorry timmy, but i guess it was just your clowns time to go"
by WoWnub4life September 3, 2008
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A person in the game Minecraft or Terraria that breaks player made structures using in game tools or TNT/dynamite on public servers.
That damn Greifer Blew up my house again !!!!
Better Ban Him
by Riloussa June 19, 2011
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One who greifs
The 9th commandment: Thou shalt not hearken to the toungue of a greifer
by shooter June 4, 2004
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If you thought greifer Jesus was bad image him on a oppressor mk2 shooting missiles at you every single time you go near him
You spawned extreme greifer Jesus how am I gonna get past there
by Oof Yeet the dumbass April 14, 2021
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A person who enjoys going into the game gta5 online and kill people with a flying bike. Common traits are: no bitches, lack of a father figure and a high KD but low skill
No he killed me again i was just doing cargo
Yeah I can see that he doesn't have a dad prob a oppressor greifer
by Ooooolloloo July 10, 2022
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