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See gay as all hell. Greene references to a male that likes to lick other males unwipe dirty inches. You may also suffer from a tendency to munch on fecal matter whilst jerking-off. Greenes are often recognized by their bad breath and shit-stained teeth. You may want to avoid them at all costs, unless Greenes float your boat.
That guys breath smells like shit, he must have Greened some dude.
by MiMal April 24, 2006
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A small town in central Maine that is home to a very high number of homosexuals, and is used as a sewer by neighboring towns.
I am staying away from Greene tonight it smells like scrunt sweat and haunted anal babies. Also, the guys there will try to suck your dick for nutmeg
by jlavine December 07, 2007
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A small town in Upstate NY where people drink a lot of beer, and like to party around bon-fires for a good time.
Tonight, the girls and I will drive up to Greene, where it is cold and snowy.
by Sarah Q April 05, 2006
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Also known as a greenie, green-e's are meanies, but cute and lovable. Their favorite color is obviously green and they are known to be hiding in Australia. Often enough green-e's swear like brown-e's but worse. If you meet one the Australian government (health office) recommends running as fast as you can.
Omg! Is that a green-e? .... *swoosh-bang* (thats the sound of running like a lightning)
by Stan_Hawaii April 11, 2006
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It’s when you manipulate people in an evil way for fame or power. This word is originated from the book “The 48 laws of power” by Robert Greene. This has been rumoured to be used by people like ‘Logan Paul’ and ‘50 cent’. Many people believe that this book is linked with the ‘Illuminati’.
“The man had a sense of GREENE to reach his fame and power
by CornfordOnYouTube December 26, 2018
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