Another word for weed. Sticky Green is used by Biggie Smalls (in one of his songs, Going Back to Cali), Devin the Dude, The Smugglaz, and other hood rats.
Ay nigga, come kick it at my house. I had hella' bill so I bought some sticky green.
by Elephantshoe November 4, 2008
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A kind of LSD, acid, that came on what seemed to be plastic blotter colored green. Soul stealing and disappointing.
Oh, no! Not time for the Sticky Green Plastic Soul trip again? Fuck!
by Eclectician. March 22, 2004
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Yo roll up that green sticky, I got the blunt.
by bert January 9, 2004
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I had an instant orgrasm when I saw Shrek and he reciprocated by sharing some of his green sticky with me. Yikes.
by William. December 6, 2019
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when a girl gives you a blow job and you cum in her mouth then she sneezes on your dick
she gave you a green sticky....gross
by dooberface July 4, 2007
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