Combination of three words - skanky crusty cunt; used to describe a woman of ill repute.
That girl is such a scrunt!
by Jason Spencer April 21, 2003
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a way to describe a females dirty, often used, gaping vagina
I’m trying to get into some scrunt tonight”
“Where is all the scrunt at?”
“I just want to fuck some scrunt”
by donnyheisman May 17, 2022
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The dirtiest word in the English language. Still safe for work, until an actual definition is arrived at: best to leave it blurry.
"I'm so sick of that scrunt next door leaving his bins in my driveway, I think I may set them on fire."

"SCRUNT!" (After dropping cast iron replica of Danny De Vito on foot)

"That guy at the shop totally scrunted me out of fifty cents!"
by metavore July 29, 2009
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A wolf like creature in the new movie "Lady in the Water". A Scrunt has fur that resembles grass and so is able to appaear as a mound in the grass. Scrunts also have glowing red eyes that are visible at nights in mirrors.
Watch out! I saw a scrunt in the yard last night.
by Allie Stapleton July 24, 2006
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The dried vag crust left in a pair of two day old panties.
When I found the scrunt in her panties, I was overjoyed, then I promply feasted.
by Joe Tellenbauer November 7, 2003
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Young cunt. Based on the same word construction as "scrod." Since "scrod" is young cod, then "scrunt" is young cunt.
We was out looking fo scrunt.
by Drew B July 1, 2005
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