Seventh world religion created in the decline of Christianity in the west (people like to believe in a good/bad scenario) and this sprang up in its place.

Pretty plants = Good
People = Sin
Demonic Being = CO2 (0.03% of Surface air)

Religious events include whatever Bob Geldof is plugging, BBC 6 O'Clock News (also known as climate change service)and of course, Earth Day.
On earth day it is customary for followers of Environmentalism to rearrange the solar panels on your roof in the shape of a peace symbol, and make everyone in your household bathe in the same tub full of water, then scoop out a big pot and boil it for soup - reduce, reuse, regurgitate.

Customs include making up numbers and global warming/cooling (depending on trends) and getting all evangelical about such stuff. The sole aim of environmental groups is to keep the world 'natural', or essentially keep Africa in the dark ages.
by anonnonononononon August 7, 2006
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To reinvent and/or renovate something so that it becomes environmentally friendly.
"I'm going to take this polluting vehicle and environmentalize it into a hybrid."
by Writerkatie April 19, 2010
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Be Mental for the environment and having it being your primary concern from a very young age and acting on it in any way
Sheila is planting trees all the time, she is so environmental.
by Loihv July 8, 2019
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A form of environmentalism, based entirely on emotions, instead of science. Jumping to emotional conclusions, without even trying to understand the science behind what's going on. If your view of nature, look's like the forest from the disney movie bambi, that's disney environmentalism.
People say we should all live on green power, and organic food, but never think it through. You just can't keep 7 billion people fed, and warm that way. It's total disney environmentalism.
by ILikeRocks March 21, 2011
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The I-don't-feel-like-taking-a-science-class, science class.
Person: Hey, I'm taking Physics next year, you?
Person 2: Chem was brutal. I signed up for AP Environmental
Person: Sick.
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The maintenance of the factors and practices that contribute to the quality of environment on a long-term basis.
Government: "Hey, how does your company use environmental sustainability"
Company CEO: "Oh, we have different limits on how much fish we can catch"
by Gravixx September 5, 2018
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An increase of attractiveness caused by inferior surroundings.
I'm usually not attracted to TJ, but at the computer seminar he was environmentally hot!
by Mr. Wilsonn October 21, 2010
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