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Seventh world religion created in the decline of Christianity in the west (people like to believe in a good/bad scenario) and this sprang up in its place.

Pretty plants = Good
People = Sin
Demonic Being = CO2 (0.03% of Surface air)

Religious events include whatever Bob Geldof is plugging, BBC 6 O'Clock News (also known as climate change service)and of course, Earth Day.
On earth day it is customary for followers of Environmentalism to rearrange the solar panels on your roof in the shape of a peace symbol, and make everyone in your household bathe in the same tub full of water, then scoop out a big pot and boil it for soup - reduce, reuse, regurgitate.

Customs include making up numbers and global warming/cooling (depending on trends) and getting all evangelical about such stuff. The sole aim of environmental groups is to keep the world 'natural', or essentially keep Africa in the dark ages.
by anonnonononononon August 07, 2006
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A once-noble noble movement that has been hijacked by socialist lunatics. Environmentalists say that capitalism is bad for the environment, conveniently ignoring the fact that wealthy capitalist countries have the best environmental conditions. If capitalism really was harmful to the environment, then the receding Iron Curtain should have revealed a green Eden. Instead we see environmental conditions worse than the West.(How about the Chernobyl diaster?)
The biggest threat to the environment is not capitalism or industrial civillization, but environmentalism itself.
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The most extreme form of environmentalism. Even worse than socialism. Environ-mentalists believe that us human beings could destroy the Earth just by being ourselves.
Environ-mentalists are for vegetarianism, mass depopulation, and (severely) reduced standards of living.
The sheer craziness of environ-mentalism leads many people to believe that the Earth is not worth protecting or even needs protecting. This is untrue. The Earth is our most precious resource, and we should treat it carefully, though not as carefully as the enviro-mentalists say we should.
Timmy: *runs around vandalizing SUVS*
Greg: What's he doing?
Jake: He must believe in environ-mentalism
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