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Quite Possibly, the World’s Greatest Snack Food”
Hey dude did you see that commercial for Greebes the other day? A steak flavored chip sounds delicious!
by Ya boi Chance February 06, 2019
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-noun (pronounced greeb)

plural- greebes (pronounced either as greebs or gree-bees)

1. any of the various qualities possessed by attractive women which set them apart from women deemed unattractive.

2. a very attractive woman

3. something you would like to possess all of
Megan Fox, Alicia Cuthbert, Stacy Kiebler

-"Bitch, gimme all your greebes"
-"Let's go Big Greebe Hunting"
-"Bend over and give me all your greebes"
-"Hand's up, greebes out"
-"Your greebes, give me all of them"
-"Express all answers in terms of greebes"
-"Bro, check out that pack of greebes"
-"Look at those greebes, Damn"
-"I would like two helpings of greebes"
by Senor Greebaise February 13, 2010
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A type of candy similar to a jawbreaker:

Green candy coating
Sugar/Crack cocaine interior
Gooey hot sauce center (1 million Scoville units)

Other flavors can have different color candy shell
Did you see the new Greebe flavor?
No, what is it?
They've got Mango flavor now!
Greebes are way better than Juul!
by Militron8 October 05, 2019
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