An insanely gay person who tries to act cool but isn't cool.
Uhhhh, I don't want to have to sit with that Grayson
Grayson has dark hair and eyes. He likes memes and heavy music with all the RARARSHSHSHSHSHHSWWAWAWAWA. You can often find a Grayson playing PlayStation and saying Oof. Thank you.
“Who’s that boy over there listening to Korn? Oof that’s your boi Grayson “
by Avagracxhoward December 12, 2017
Grayson is coooool. He likes to cum a lot. He says the f word toooooo much. He can be nice, if you don’t vape. He usually has reddish brownish hair. He wears a burgundy sweater and joggers a lot. Grayson’s are players, and very funny. They hang with dweebs a lot. Graysons always have Romanian girlfriends.
Person 1: wow is that Grayson kissing Brandon

Person 2: oh shit, Grayson is my bf.

Person 3: just give up Ana, Grayson is gay
by Idk what I’m doing October 20, 2019
Grayson is a super smart man with an amazing Adam’s apple. He’s a real cutie and all the girls want him. He’s incredibly nice and loved by all, while being super nice he is always up for a fight (even if it’s with a wall) He smells of oranges and gives the best hugs ever. Overall Grayson is an amazing guy and if you find a grayson you should keep him close forever!!
Grayson is always there and ready to help.
by Not.Kailey.414 December 16, 2018
Grayson is a nice, loving, smart, person. He is very good at cooking. Cute and hot at the same time.
Grayson, can you make me some food?

Hey! Look Grayson is so hot.
by boi.dolans May 30, 2019
A YouTuber that has a twin brother named Ethan
I want a Grayson
by mass May 7, 2019
An annoying soccer player who likes the word dingus
Is that Grayson?