Really lovable and cute and always happy and can always put a smile on your face. Graysons are goofballs and fun to talk to and are willing to cuddle.
Katie-“did you see him”
Anna-“who Grayson,he’s a snack
by Kicker21 February 25, 2019
Grayson's are always really hot like Grayson Dolan, they are always really funny and caring.
Wow who is that

That's a Grayson
by Kncgbd July 22, 2017
'Grayson' is a distress code at Franklins supermarkets. What it basically means, if called over the PA, is that there's a threatening situation in the store and that security need to come and resolve it.
"Attention Grayson, please come to the checkouts"
by 9090901 February 12, 2015
the most amazing person on the planet. his smile makes you smile, or stop breathing. his laugh makes you laugh. his youtube videos make you laugh till you can't breathe. his smirk makes you go HFSOAIFKSDFWAIJFKOOFASJF. HFSDKJAFKLJAIFJSDAKF.!
OMG! Grayson's smile!

His video made me die of laughter!
by edolanssss February 24, 2018
Grayson mostly goes by Gray. If you know a Gray, you likely have given him a million nicknames. Especially nicknames in different languages. If you're dating a Gray, you know he's sweet, kind, sensitive, funny, and really just adorable. He sadly has low self-esteem, even though he's an amazing human being. If you're in a relationship with a Gray, it's also likely you're in a long distance relationship. Often, Gray's happen to be in the LGBTQIA+ Community. Gray has a phobia of open water. Gray's smile lights up the room. When he's smiling, it seems everybodys heart melt's. It's possible Gray's smile could be the most heart-warming thing in the whole world.
by iknowgraYyyy June 8, 2020