A town full of mostly arrogant, pompose, pretensious morons who believe that owning fancy cars, having a large house and owning designer stuff is the purpose of life. Fortunately, there are some people who live there who can spell properly and also understand the fundamental difference between being a good high school football team and being a good town. Contains somethings that are worth noting: a handful of fast food joints, at least 2 foodstores... basically Grayson would like to function as it's own country. The reason for this is due to the fact that a majority of the vehicles driven in Grayson are SUVs that get <10MPG, so they can't drive to Atlanta without having to fill up their cars twice.
"She is really hott, and RICH!"

"she must live in Grayson"
by Wjfgjgf September 26, 2006
Graysons are very funny. they are also very sexy and cute and hot. Graysons have angry issues and can be very mean at times. people tend to like him BC they dont try and get to know him. they ussauly have depression along with mental illness. gets the girls he want can be very caring if u get to know him. will always have your back. they are a amazing boyfriends they try there best to pls there girl. do you not loose one if u meet them. there very athletic tall handsome good in bed sweet everything that is good in a person but will fight for themselves and there friends.
big dick amazing guys. gods brother grayson is amezing
by fatmanurmom July 30, 2019
The name Grayson means Son Of The Grey-Haired One and is of English origin. Grayson is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys.
Grayson has always been good to everyone.
by morethanaking October 19, 2020
Something disgustingly gross. Usually heavy, but not always and never good looking. Think George Costanza on a bad day. Sometimes used as an explitive!
ugly, gross, stupid
by Pangster August 4, 2006
verb - to grayson
to attend a venue or event where one is uninvited and unwanted

noun - grayson
1. a person who likes multiple women simultaneously
2. a hobo, someone who you'll find randomly sleeping in a cardboard box outside his own house, or on someone's porch

adjective - grayson
a combination of a trying to be hardcore, wasted, stoned, and/or horny
v. "Make sure I'm signed in, or else I'll have to grayson your ass."

n. "They guy is such a grayson, he likes five girls!"

n. "I woke up this morning, and when I went to fetch the newspaper, there was a grayson on my porch!"

adj. "I got wasted last night. I can't wait for this weekend, we're going to get so stoned!"
"Stop being so grayson, retard."
by broddha April 29, 2008
A nasty person with a nasty personality he is a liar and a player he cheats and and has many side chicks he says he won’t date next thing you know he is dating he is also not very successful
Graysons such a bitch
by Graysons a gore November 3, 2019