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The act of pouring water into a person's asshole and then proceeding to drink it like a fine gravy.
That chick had the sweetest gravy boat I've ever tasted.
by Neay Hey March 15, 2009
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When you have diarrhea and make a sweet stew of gravy, and there is somehow a lone turd floating around exploring the bowl like Christopher Columbus upon the Santa Maria.
After taco bell last night I had a gravy boat the size of a jimmy dean's sausage.
by Tom Selleck February 01, 2017
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As well as being a vessel for holding/serving gravy, it is quite possibly the best middle name ever
Who's that you ask? None other than John Gravyboat Smith
by Sue Donymn March 06, 2010
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The act of farting and having said fart travels over the taint/gooch and for males this fart splits and travels on each side of the testicles and towards freedom. For females it may pass over the beef curtains and to freedom or get trapped inside to live on only to be reborn into the dreaded queef.
I had a severe case of swamp ass, farted on my leather seat and ended up gravy boating myself. It was weird like climbing the rope in gym class.
by D’artagnan Shackledord April 15, 2019
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A sweaty and un-hygenic ass-crack, especially that of the morbidly obese. The hot, moist interior is usually somewhat brownish from fecal matter, reminiscent of Gramma's homemade gravy.
"I won't be chowin' ass on no gravy boat!"
by Ludicrous Slim February 20, 2004
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