an insidious LSD cult

infidelic pagan hippie scum

a tool of the government

by rabid weasels March 16, 2005
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the greatest band of all time. originating in 1965 the grateful dead took the u.s and europe by storm. their fans are usually hippies and refer to themselves as "deadheads". the person writing this is in fact a deadhead. some of the popular songs are SHAKEDOWN STREET, and SCARLET BEGONIAS. the band is still touring even though the lead guitarist and most recognized member of the band, jerry garcia(keep rocking man), passed away in 1995. they now refer to themselves as DEAD AND COMPANY, with john mayer replacing jerry garcia, oteil burnbridge replacing phil lesh, and jeff chimenti on keyboard. the band is rocking
dude, im about to watch the grateful dead!

me too man!
by dickbicycle December 29, 2016
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