This is a when three horny gents deliver a triple penetration session to a plus size female. Often involves mass quants of alcohol as a preparation ritual as this hot love adventure is not always planned in advance by the three gents. A favorite time of year for this activity is Labor Day Weekend most notably in the St Louis area. This is a true St. Louis classic.
Pipelayer Pompous Joe: Man I am exhausted after that 3 on the theee last nite it was full on.
JP Muffinstuffer: Zoom pa! What a wild ride! We went the distance tho. Gives me hi five brother!
The Admiral: Eeeerrrr !!!!
by thawr_out_the_duke September 2, 2018
Mr. Aldana's favorite words if he sees you on your phone in class. Go to Beyer Highschool in Modesto and you'll meet the most annoying math teacher ever. But also, one of the FAIREST and kindaaaa sweet. Also! He's bald so its much funnier.
"okayyy theee phoneeeeee"
by lulmamastaybhadd May 4, 2019