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Granite City is a steel mill town about 6 miles east of St.Louis, Missouri. It's polluted for sure, just try driving past the steel mill on Edwardsville Road at night, and see and smell it. It also has a housing project that is being rebuilt, who knows why it's being rebuilt, it's been a headache to the town and the police department for years. Most people are blue-collar workers, average people, but rather tough, "suburban rednecks" you could say. Many people work at US steel/formerly Granite City steel, or drive to St.Louis to work. The west side and downtown has it's problems with drugs, and crime.
John:"You know Mike from Granite City?" Paul: "Yeah, he's a good guy, steel mill worker, kind of a blue-collar man"
by steelmillcowboy November 06, 2007
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One of the only remaining factory towns on the east side of the Mississippi from St. Louis. Polluted, check. Significant amount of dumbasses, check. Some racist bastards, check. Some awesome human beings, check. My hometown, CHECKMATE!!!

I read the other entries and felt compelled to hold up Granite City as an example of decline in the USA. The town is stratified big time. The haves and the have nots are segregated physically. If you have a good job you're fine, and if you don't you're screwed. There is also a major disparity in levels of education, and a hell of a lot of people that seem to always want to fight.

My family is from Lincoln Place, a declining part of the western edge of the city. It was home to a diverse immigrant community of Armenians, Hungarians, Macedonians, Croatians, and Mexicans, clustered around American Steel. The hood was always hardscrabble, but the old timers had a lot of pride. The ethnic folks' kids improved their station and mainly moved out. The neighborhood is still home to the Mexican Honarary Commission, and several of my family members.

The town used to have three mills going gangbusters, now there's one big one and a much smaller one. The decline in the steel industry led to a population crash from 40K in the late seventies to 31K now. Much of the population is of advanced age.

If the GC Steel ever closes, the town will simply fall into the toilet.
Granite City is on the brink.
by mexikraut July 30, 2008
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A smelly ass steel town with polluted air and a high school with way too much drama in it. Possibly the most boring town on Earth because there is nothing to do on a Friday night.
I hate Granite City! Wanna move to Israel?
by Dam It June 17, 2005
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A low income, white trash town located in Illinois, just outside of Saint Louis, Missouri. Frequently referred to as "Granite Shitty" because all of its residents are dumbass hoosiers. It is known for hosting carnies, as the birthplace of "Redneck Woman," Gretchen Wilson, and for having the highest rate of mullets per capita in Madison County.
My cleaning lady is from Granite City, too!
by Dam You November 13, 2005
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A steel mill town full of kids who like to get fucked up. The high school sports teams normally kill edwardsville in every sport possible. We hate Edwardsville.
Granite City is the best place to live.
by Beckkky March 06, 2009
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A little shitty place in Illinois filled with hoosiers. About 75% of the population has some sort of STD with their white trash culture. Granite City or, Granite Shitty, is one of the most polluted, over populated places in Illinois.
I ran from a hoosier in Granite City today
by TheFuckOfFire January 27, 2011
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A town full bunch of whiney closed minded stoner ICP and nu metal listening fucks. "This town sucks man." I know let's all move to East STL, place rules. So next time I hear somebody say Granite Shittie or show this place is so bad, I'm sure you'll be picking up your teeth.
Hey man we are from Granite City, so that means we don't have a clue. So let's drink a lot,have unprotected sex, listen to slipknot and be retarded fucks. WEST G FOREVER MAN WOOO
by StillBelieveXXX September 26, 2006
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