A small country based county in Virginia that has more cows than people , Girls think it’s cool to become alcoholics before age 15 , and guys ride around blaring a gucci mane song from 2011. Not very many places to eat but they do have a McDonald’s , that all of the inbreds in their ass clapping trucks come screaming through to hangout with their other ass clapping friends from times 8am to 11pm. Cops are really nice if you have the right last name , and the local foods will most likely make you shit your brains out, she’s technically a “keeper” if she has all of her teeth, “incest” doesn’t exist there , and if you haven’t slept with 98% of the football team you probably “ain’t shit”.
“Hey man wanna go to Madison county?”
Nah man I’ve already watched deliverance already”
by Notbillcosby March 26, 2018
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Full of retarded rednecks drug heads probably home of cocaine and domestic abuse full of stupid lifted trucks literally nothing worth a fuck
Fuck madison county ga
by bobbisuwle2 December 30, 2017
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A school in Virginia.
Where childhood dreams go to die.
Crap, we're in Madison County High School
by Me, again February 10, 2009
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A school in Madison Virginia. The county doesn't have any money. 50% of students come to school high, and some of the freshmen got busted for drinking vodka in the bathroom last year. The only interesting thing that happens is when some one gets their ass kicked in the back parking lot.
by .......x....... February 27, 2010
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