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Someone who fakes polio until there's something better to do.

Also, a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who was bed-ridden until his grandson won a trip to a slave-run chocolate underworld.
My girlfriend is a Grandpa Joe because she plays sick whenever I want to have sex.
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover May 25, 2018
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from the movie willy wonka and the chocolate factory.
"but me and gandpa joe...." from the song cheer up charlie.
the lady singing sounds SO dumb.
Grandpa Joe and all of the other grandparents sat in a bed and ate cabbage soup for 8 years.
by Ch-ch-chelsea January 26, 2008
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Fecal excrement that’s resonated in a toilet apparatus for an extended period of time, causing a foul odour.
Grandpa joe pretended to be sick for 20 years and became healthy out of now where. He’s a huge fucking piece of shit!”

“Bro did you forget to flush last night? I smell a Grandpa joe!
by Tristan412 May 17, 2019
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