The female Raff is a rare find. She is beautiful inside and out. She is a dedicated lover and friend. She has a mother's intuition and often finds herself surrounded by children. Feels more deeply than the average person. Very welcoming and friendly. Often spontaneous and witty. A determined individual who is trustworthy and faithful in her work. She loves her friends and values her family. Very passionate about music, also very creative.
I just love Raff, she is the most inspiring woman on the planet!
by Happyslap February 12, 2010
The most popular and funny boy in every school. Almost everyone likes him. He’s so jokes
Hey have you mate Raff. He’s jokes
by Lololplosndgdh August 22, 2019
A little bitch who is always late for anything he attends...
“Ok boys, lets have bets on how late Raff is gonna be”
by Oldygarty July 7, 2018
A Raff is a common term in London used to describe a person who spends more time sleeping around than making sammiches. Raffs are prone to many of the same difficulties as whores, namely STDs and threats of pwnage from angry cheated-on girlfriends. She is a raff until she sleeps with you. A "raff" who does sleep with you is no longer a raff, but a "cool chick" who knows how to have a good time. Then, when you get tired of her and it's time to move on, she goes back to being a raff again. If she looks like she's trying to shoplift week old cold cuts in her panties, she's probably a raff.
Person A: "That raff is like a merry-go-round; everybody got a turn."

Person B: "I hear a raff is like a sausage in a wind tunnel"

"And the legend of the raff was way hardcore!" Jack Black on raffs

"Exactly! Only a raff would want to be with a douche like me!" Danny Franklin on raffs
by Bland Street Bloom June 15, 2011
A teenage boy who gets bullied badly, but definitely deserves it.
1: Dude, that was mean...
2: Well yeah, but that guy is such a raff!
by NoToRaff January 16, 2009
To use as an alternative for swearing ie fuck shit piss etc
Can also be used when you feel frustration and wish to stress your frustration
You're really raffing me off !

I need a raff
by Pipoid March 4, 2015
A homosexual hybridization of random beasts that will subdue its prey by poisoning them with severe amounts of alcohol and then having gay sex with them.
"Jim woke up with butthurt and doesn't know why. I think he was the victim of a Raff."
by Mr. McWhiskerface February 5, 2010