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A great game that some feminists and the PTA and everybody else with a hair up their ass made a big deal out of. You can shoot people, do missions for gangs, hijack cars. and pick up hookers. Some parents blame murders that their kids commited on the game-far be it from them to admit tha their kids might've had a PROBLEM. Its just a video game and it isnt real. Overall one of the best games ever made, and since its release ther have been many Grand Theft Auto-style games that were much worse than GTA, but there was NO controversy, but whenever a GTA game comes out they have a prob. So. protesters, FUCK YOU.
That hooker did me and took my money!! I'll just run her skanky ass over and take my cash back!
by only$19.99,less s+h December 27, 2003
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A sexual act made famous by the Grand Theft Auto video game series where a man picks up a prostitute, pays her for her services, and then runs her over in the car he picked her up in and retrieves his spent money.
Steve: Why is your Benjamin red?

Dan: I performed the Grand Theft Auto last night and couldn't get the blood out of the money
by Charlie T. July 21, 2016
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best fucking game ever made....
kid 1:hey kid 2, im bored of this grand theft auto, its got borin...
kid 2:hey, i know! Lets go steal cars and drag race and kill people!
kid 1: bet i can steal a better car than yours!!!

After 1 hour, the kids were arrested for performing grand theft auto
by Tommy Vercetti March 7, 2004
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Awesomeness. A great game series (at least Grand Theft Auto III and on) in which you can do whatever you want. Complete freedom. Jack a car/truck/van/motorbike/what the hell ever on the streets. Pick up hookers for health, then kill them for your cash back. Shoot pedestrians and police officers, eventually getting chased by police cars, helicopters, the SWAT team, FBI agents and even the military. The only bad thing about this game series are the twelve year old kids that play it in an attempt to look cool in front of their friends. Those kids need to die. Anyway, if you don't have Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas, end your life and jump off a tall building. Rockstar = God. Kthxbai.
by I like stuff March 23, 2005
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Stealing many cars and being chased by the police. People with guns or gangsters tend to do this. Or: Hotwiring an unlocked car and escaping the police. Or Just the process of stealing a car and commiting crimes all at once
Tommy:(Knocks person out of car)
Tommy: whoo! freakin grand theft auto'd that guy
by Nikko April 28, 2005
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