The reason i didn't get any homework done today and will fail all my classes.
Damn, i played grand theft auto 4 all night and didn't do get shit done.
by 6458336 April 30, 2008
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A video game released by a company called Rockstar for the Playstation 3,Xbox 360, and PC. It follows the life and adventure of a man named Niko Bellic in a place known as Liberty City. Required in this game for its completion is included but not limited to; Homicide, Reckless Driving, Running from Police, Assaulting/Murdering/Vehicular Assaulting and officer or officers, and of course Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto 4 lets you kill, rob, and steal. No wonder it sells out in stores.
by VAMPDNA April 17, 2010
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When a person is doing somthing and then looks around and the majority of other people seem to be doing or about to do them same thing.

When playing grand theft auto and the character gets into a car suddenly the majority of the cars in the area seem to be the same.
When going for a run or about to look around and notice lots of other people doing the same thing this is called the grand theft auto effect!.
by Lil bezz July 29, 2010
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Pretty much the best video game ever made with San Andreas. It is the latest video game in the GTA series. Feminists and mothers have their hands crawling up their asses over this game and can't handle the awesomeness.
Jim said, "Hey, I just got the new video game, Grand Theft Auto 5!"
"Isn't that my favorite game of all time?!" Max screamed as he orgasmed.
by DatGTA5Addict November 30, 2013
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When confronted with a problem in real life, you react in a way that you would react playing GTA.

Such as when you are driving on a crowded street and decide to pull onto the sidewalk and plow through anything that happens to be in the way, not caring about scraping other cars, buildings, people etc.
Man, these cars turning left at the light aren't out of the way enough for me to pass and go right. I'm going to say "the hell with it" and Grand Theft Auto style my way through the median strip.
by Dude troublington May 8, 2009
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A game that defines a generation. One of the best games of the last decade which is still played by millions of gamers. GTA Online firstly introduced multiplayer to Grand Theft Auto series, which is intersting to play with your friends. It has a great story as well, a little bit racist, a lot of memes, some inside jokes and some great looking strippers. It is a master piece, a trully open-world game together with Minecraft and Skyrim.
What have you played yestarday? Of couse, Grand Theft Auto 5
by DankWarrior703 March 21, 2020
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