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The game you play when mom is at the supermarket.
kid: hey dude wanna play Grand Theft Auto? My mom isnt home!
friend: what about your dad?
kid: eh, he doesnt really give to shits about what i play.
by Sack o' Flaps February 11, 2019
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quite possibly the greatest game series of all time, next to metal gear solid.
vice city pc quote from the rolling stones: "It's not just a new frontier for games, it's a new frontier for HUMANITY"
by adrian December 23, 2004
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1. The crime of stealing a car.

2.The best thing to happen to videogames ever.

3. A Pasttime like this, America=Baseball Mexico= Grand Theft Auto
Mexico + Boredm = Grand Theft Auto!!!
by Niakoali Kheshkepolvy August 17, 2005
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