Grand Prairie is located in Texas, Dallas county area. A small town yet reknowned for hometown heroes. Many athletes and celebrities emgerge from this small town. Grand Prairie is divided within two parts, North and South, it is a gradient from North to South, from poor to rich.
I moved to Grand Prairie to become sucessful.
by Michael February 24, 2005
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Grand Prairie is the shit, only number ones are a product of GP, we are the best and we strive for the best. Dont forget, we from Texas too!
GP that's my hood put it in yo face get that shit understood!!
by HoLLa! April 28, 2005
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where a whole bunch of mexicans will steal your car while your sleeping in your house
1: hey where do you live?
2: grand prairie texas
1: dang i know your car got stolen
2: yep you right it will be the 5th time this month
by aassdddfffggg August 8, 2008
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a small redneck town in northern alberta where gollum is said to reside. a little too far from mordor, but close enough to be considered icky. spoiled brats and fat children are plentiful, along with crummy drunk adults. not a pleasant place to experience.
we have to go to grande prairie this weekend. I hope gollum isnt there to greet us. beware of the dog excrements around.
by sos sauce August 21, 2010
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GRANDE PRAIRIE refers to a jewel of a city in northern Alberta which has grown from 50,000 to 56,000 in just 6 years. The city has, for the 3rd year in a row, been named as the "Entrepreneurial capital" of the entire country. Our rec centre is the largest north of Edmonton. Our college is known all over the world due to its innovative design and the students graduating here do extremely well in careers. We have big-city shopping with all the big boxes yet without the traffic. Big trucks compete for room on the roads with Lamborghinis, Porsches and Mercedes cars thanks to all the self-made millionaires. Kids breathe clean air and enjoy the many parks in the city while the only visible drunks are those who pour out of the fabulous country bars weekend nights.
by luvesmytown November 8, 2012
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The Most Swaggin Baggin Way to get around when you can't walk because of your mental or physical state. (also a popular trap song)
Jordan: Bro I can't walk!
Sam: Well I mean you can always hop in that sweet grand prairie wheelchair!
by Swagmasterfffvvff May 27, 2015
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I redneck, blue collar, hard nosed conservative city located in Northern Alberta, Canada. It has a population of approximately 50000 and is the service center for approximately 250000, making it seem larger than it really is at times. On the plus side, there are more millionaires per capita than any other city in Canada. However, this will inevitably be passed by Fort McMurray and both of these cities only have the amount of wealth that they do because of oil. Most people who live in Grande Prairie are too pig ignorant to comprehend that.

The average citizen is selfish, greedy, fat, sleazy, in other words, the personification of every thing that's wrong in western civilization. Once the oil wealth runs out, most of the people in Grande Prairie will resort to their booze and do fuck all with their lives.

Useful things, such as education, are not valued in this sleazy "metropolis. The only classy bar is Maddhatters, the others are complete and utter shit. Most of the teenagers have at least one STI, which is a result of fucking and/or sucking anything they find remotely attractive.

Most of the people who reside here generally only do so for the money. Most of the ones who win the lottery/retire get the fuck out of there. Another classy, wonderful thing about this city is that there is an enormous undercurrent of acceptability for those who drink and drive.

A truly selfish, greedy, miserable place.
Guy 1: There is nothing to do in Grande Prairie Alberta accept buy a big jacked up truck, do drugs, and whore my life away.
Guy 2: Yeah, this city is sure a shit stain on humanity if you ask me!

Hill Billy 1: Fuck yeah, I got my dick sucked in a port a potty at a party. I work in the oil patch and make $100K+ per year. I have more STIs than the alphabet has letters. Woo hoo! Only in Grande Prairie, Alberta baby!
Hill Billy 2: Dude, you are a fucking alpha male/god! Only in Grande Prairie, Alberta could I possibly accomplish this!
by Honest Morpheus February 4, 2014
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