there are two definitions of 'gram' depending on the context

1. a 'gram' refers to a 'gram' of drugs
2. the 'gram' refers to instagram
Yo dude hmu with a gram of that coke cocaine

"I don't do it for the gram, I do it for Compton" -Kendrick Lamar.
by vsh October 30, 2017
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to absolutely destroy someones rectum, commonly with ones penis

g-ramming is not casual sex, it is kinkey, weird, handcuffed to the bed, tied up and beaten, begging, yelping, trying to get away, filthy, dirty, bathroom stall buttsex
the huge man picked me up with one hand and g-rammed me out of my mind.
by Joey October 29, 2004
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An abbreviation for "instagram" used by idiots and gullible stoners
Bro check out this meme I found on gram.
Gram? Thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
by Milve March 14, 2019
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Hardcore drugs such as Cocaine or Heroin.
Named for usually being measured in grams.
"That fool got caught dealin'. I mean we're talkin grams."

"Naw I need some serious shit, like some fuckin grams!"
by Professor Ovaheard March 05, 2009
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a old lady whos your gram
gram can i have some more food
gram can i have some money im broke
gram take care of me
by pie February 24, 2005
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Gram is a abbreviation of the word instagram. It is a cool way of saying instagram.
hey what yo gram.
hit me up on the gram.
by Shmogleyheeee January 20, 2018
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