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Grahaming is named after Martha Graham, who developed her own unique style of modern dance. Graham technique frequently uses contractions, which require lots of core strength and control.

Grahaming is like planking, but for dancers. Instead of assuming the plank position, one would assume a position typical of Graham technique and then take a photo as proof.

As with planking, the more unusual or challenging the location, the more fun Grahaming will be.
Bob: What the hell are those people doing?

Amy: They're Grahaming. Look, one of them just fell into the fountain! She must have not had much core strength.
by grahamer March 25, 2012
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American origin: The act of grahaming is to not shower for days on while wearing a new or fresh set of clothes everyday.

Scents associated with grahaming are composed of B.O., sweat, moist but moldy gym socks, and rabbit ass.

Grahaming can be taken care of in two ways:
A) Scrub Party: Taking iron scrubbers and scrubbing the victim down (including genitalia) until fully clean or raw skin covers the entire body.


B) Death: Self-explanitory.
Man #1 - Brother, that gentleman in aisle 4 has been grahaming for the past 12 weeks...

Man #2 - Shall we call the police?

Man #1 - Nay I say, we shall purchase iron scrubbers and have our annual Scrub Party!

Man #2 - Why are you talking so weird...?
by Todd the Fox September 07, 2010
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