A good boy who doesn't swear, be mean to others, and is a overall good boy. Also he is catholic. He has a clean mind protected from the devil and any outsiders will be shot on sight. You can't be gay either because it is in the bible to not be gay. Gays will be shot on sight if catholic.
by paul/goodboy December 20, 2018
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A group of white males who go to a catholic school. These bois are usually found joking about drugs, sex, and their science teacher. The bois usually have one very small kid, he is usually the most dirty-minded, and probably is a scooter kid. Then they have a very tall kid who just wants to chill, usually a surfer. There is also the one kid from a public school that poisoned everybody's mind. Then there's the creative art kid who kinda goes with the flow. There's the one kid who only reps one sport (Usually baseball. Also, the baseball kid does not understand the concept of bros before hoes. And finally, there's the kid with the same name as the dirty-minded who is usually quite.
by Bang-me-energy March 18, 2021
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If he came from an all boys school, then he's extremely, bent. The least they can be is bisexual, but that is extremely rare. They play gay games such as 8 ball madness, and do a lot of gay stuff. If they come from an co-ed catholic school, then they're extremely stupid, and a prick.
Person 1: Bro he's a catholic school boy
Person 2: Don't let him notice us we don't wanna become gay
by ForeverVirgin November 4, 2022
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1. A group of young men who constantly journey towards taking back the Holy Land.

2. A group of young men who love each other but aren't gay. They said, "no homo, but I love you guys."
3. Idiots who have fun together in a Catholic manner.
The Good Catholic Boys threw an awesome party with the peacocks and Kimmy.
by GCB9 December 3, 2017
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