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Coolest Book charector ever? Quite Possible. Was in 3 movies, who was portrayed by Anthony Hopkins (Who was an INCREDIBLE Hannibal) and 3 Books (Red Dragon First, Then Silence of the Lambs, and Hannibal Last) which was written by Thomas Harris (Who is one of the BEST writers ever, alongside of Stephen King) If you were fortunite to see Silence of the Lambs, you would know the greatness of Hannibal Lecter. How he seems to be your friend, how he is calm even when he kills people, how he knows everything that is happeneing, and he never loses his cool. Hannibal PWNS j00
"He dosn't kill because he is insane, he kills because he likes it"
- Will Graham, Red Dragon

If you have not seen The Silence of the Lmbs, Red Dragon or Hannibal, go out and buy it at blockbluster. And then read the books :)

Every Halloween, I have a Hannibal Lecter mask on, I scare everyone I meet.
by Super Spikes October 11, 2005
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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When you motor boat a girls vagina while she is on her period. While motorboating her blood is leaking out and getting all over your mouth. When you come up blood is dripping down your face as if you just ate human flesh
"Man, I just Hannibal Lectered that hoe last night!"
by Twatson Rotsap January 30, 2008
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when you shoot ropes of man milk over one's mouth in a fashion so that it resembles the mask worn by dr. hannibal lecter. a minimum of 3 "ropes" are required to be a true hannibal lecter, in keeping with the style of the traditional mask adorned by the aforementioned.
I gave her a few squirts and before she knew it, she was rockin the Hannibal Lecter. then i ate her liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti..

Sgt. Spermalot: everything was going great but the way she was gobbling my dick up, i thought..
Major Cummage: Cannibal??
Sgt. Spermalot: needless to say i gave her the Hannibal Lecter treatment
by 123mcnasty March 28, 2009
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