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An act that seems to be catching popularity in high schools across the United States, where one male will sneak up on another male from behind and grab his nut sack, producing a humorous reaction.

Although grabbagging would appear to be quite gay, it isn't considered as such, and instead is just thought to be another form of "boys will be boys" horsing around. Most boys that do it tend to claim they are straight.
1. Teacher 1: "Did you just see that, Mr. Rosenberg?! Tyler just grabbed another student's testicles!"

Teacher 2: "Oh, don't worry about that. Tyler was just grabbagging him."

2. "Hey, Steve, did you see when I grabbagged Kevin yesterday? He screamed like a pussy."

3. "Dude, did you just grabbag Shawn? Sounds like it hurt."
by FatJackson November 28, 2009
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