God, in Deutsche.
by Dave June 14, 2004
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A word commonly used to replace bro, kidd, etc.

Will be heard mostly aroundd kids from "Free-Hood"

This word is sometimes considered overused and can be found irritating.

Butt w.e got.
"Ayoo Whatuuupp Gott?!?"
by [[DiPSET&A.G.]] June 3, 2008
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Indian for balls, scrotum

similar to marbles (goti)
mera gotte bahut bade ho gaye hai
(my balls have become really huge)
by tesh June 6, 2005
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Gotte is a word by a year 6 child and it means thinks he's cool
by Ahgotte June 7, 2018
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An exclamation used in response to something mind boggling and gross. A shortening of "God Damn!"
Gli'Ad: Imagine Hagrid with sperm all over his hairy back.
Asaf: GOTT!
by Eee123 May 1, 2006
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German for 'oh goodness' or 'good lord'. (trust me, i would know)
"Mein Gott!!! Wie konnte mir das passieren ?! Ich glaube, ich werde ohnmächtig!"
by Cecily de Vere March 8, 2017
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information sourced from wiki then relayed incorrectly under the guise of 100% factual information.
China leads the world in the design and manufacture of iPods - Gott Fact
by youknowwhoiam23 May 13, 2012
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