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Happy or jovial. An alternative spelling of "gay" to differnentiate it from the more modern definitions (see gay)
The 1950s were a gaye era!
by random1234567890 February 01, 2009
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The last name of the king of REAL R&B, Marvin Gaye.
Fuck da shit they call R&B these days man! I don't wanna hear 'bout sum nigga pickin' up bitches at da club an' fuckin' em. Gimme da ol' skool shit! Gimme Marvin Gaye! That was da shit righ there, that shit wasn't 'bout fuckin, that muthafucka sang about makin' loooooove!
by Da Gaye Man January 25, 2004
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Created after Marvin Gaye, considered as a major sex symbol, in the word.

When a conversation between men gets sexual and awkward talking about women, the conversation is gaye. (meaning the opposite of gay)
"Dude, that girl was a perfect 10! she had a hot body! I'd so hit that."

"Oh man I would too! But this is getting gaye ."
by Blooxpert September 12, 2010
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Meaning shifts the moment one attempts to define it. Impossible to define by definition.
fuk of yor gaye
by Adam Conway January 27, 2003
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to act stupid, crack a funny joke, or a joke that includes homosexual relations.
"ollie6str (6:05:38 PM): aw<3
DonTwentys (6:05:51 PM): OMG
DonTwentys (6:05:55 PM): GAYE"

(both are males)
by Rusell August 25, 2007
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Stupid, dumb; pointless; the worst ever
1-That is so gaye.
2-You are so gaye.
3- Person1: Man that teacher is the gayest teacher ever!
Person2: I know! How she gone give us a test on this stuff and we didn't even read that chapter of the book yet!!??
Person3: I know she is so GAYE! I hate her!
by Gothic_milk September 15, 2007
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