A style of clothing but not really music. Anything with the term goth concentrates mostly on clothing and fashion among teens who think they are rebellious but are really just cowards who haven't learned to properly define themselves yet. Most little smart ass bastards involved in the craze don't know anything about real rock music or heavy metal.
Those "Goth punk" kids claim to be against conformity, yet in actuality they are no better than the other social clicks they claim to despise.
by Jack Adick January 7, 2005
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Some people who have added to this definition have an extremely poor understanding of what so-called 'goth punk' is. Its roots are in MUSIC, the fashion being something secondary that developed out of and was inspired by the mood the music evokes. Goth punk (also defined as 'deathrock' and part of the 'post-punk' movement) deals with themes of death and mortality, sorrow, despair, surrealism, fantasy, the darker side of the life of society, the supernatural, the occult, romanticism, the effects of psychological terror and trauma - just to name a few of the basics. The music of goth punk, (as opposed to the more traditional extremely fast and anger-based hardcore punk), usually exists within the realm of medium-fast, more danceable rhythms often including tribal tom-based drum sections for the verses. The music also often includes a synthesizer to accompany the drums, bass and guitar, which again, is something more traditional hardcore punk usually refrained from including. The result is more of a moody, introspective sound that takes one into the realms of imagination. The classic, essential deathrock (or goth punk) bands include: Christian Death (the original lineup with vocalist Rozz Williams), early TSOL, UK Decay, The Damned, 45 Grave, Alien Sex Fiend and The Cramps.

Keep in mind that there were also several 'dark punk' bands around the same time that, while not maybe being quite as 'gothic' in some regards, still had enough stylistic similarities to be worthy of mention. They include bands such as: The Adicts, The Adverts, The Mob, False Prophets, Wipers, Chrome and can't forget classics that bridged the gap between hardcore and darkpunk such as Black Flag, Dead Kennedys and The Misfits. One should at least check out the classic goth punk (or, as I prefer to call them, deathrock) bands before making comments on the genre. Keep in mind that while all these bands have similarities, they also have very distinctive sounds that set them apart from the others, as all good artists should, so don't think that just because you've heard one or two of the bands mentioned that you know what goth punk sounds like. Modern goth punk bands worthy of mention are: Cinema Strange and Cauda Pavonis.
Goth Punk: Children of the Night Unite to terrorize the living dead awake from their bleak slumber!
by Daemone Darker March 1, 2009
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Someone who labels themselves goth and or punk; yet doesn't know the true meaning of goth/punk. They usually just label themselves that because they think it makes them "cool".
poser goth/punk:"I'm goth. I listen to my chemical romance. I hate my life. And I wear black clothes cause it makes me look goth."


poser goth/punk:"I'm punk. I listen to green day. I wear eyeliner like billie joe cause it makes me look punk."
by 4422 December 9, 2005
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someone who pretend to be punk/goth by dressing like they are or listening to music to show off
1)god that kid is such a poser. he listen to the used then goes home and listens to linkin park
2)sammy emglard,yohi cohen
by islndrs45 January 17, 2005
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Some fruity kid that has a bunch of piercings, possibly tattoos (depends, because some of them puss out when they realize what idiots they will look like), pretends that their lives suck as they come to school/work in the luxury sports car their daddy bought them (black, of course "like their soul"), and goes around dissing everyone's music or anyone that listens to a band that has a fanbase of over 2 because it's so not cool to listen to a band that more than 2 people have heard of. Music talent may vary, but mostly they are worthless sacks of shit, so you can only assume the music they make sucks. Also tend to write really awful and morbid poetry, with their only friend the Thesaurus so it makes them look more intelligent than they actually are (which most of them AREN'T).

Last thing that should be mentioned is that they usually wear clothing with a lot of patches on them that don't make any sense, or try to show off their "awesome" nonconformist way, but do not realize they ARE, in fact, conforming. They fit in with the queer crowd quite nicely...

Basically... well, yeah, this trend needs to END... Now go start a terrible grind core band named "Murdering Kittens", and try to look even "cooler".
Cool Goth/Punk 1: Dude, I have so many piercings
Cool Goth/Punk 2: Naw, dude, I have more piercings...
Frustrated father: Kids, kids... Lets settle this... You are both faggots..
by DDark February 25, 2005
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A 14 year old who wears black cloths, makeup and newrocks; listens to crappy pop-punk bands; and can't wait to show you his latest bit of 'self harm'.
by intheflesh December 10, 2005
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crap 'phrase' made to stereotype to completely different styles or rock into one so some dumbarsed pop/hip hop/r&b/woteva loving twat can TRY and insult ppl because they like a style of music, it takes a lot less talent to get ppl to write lyrics 4 u and stand in front of a camera saying them to a beat
"people who use 'gay goth punk rock' are uncultured idiots"
by Charlie February 20, 2004
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