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True Sounds Of Liberty, or TSOL.
best album in the fucking world
"Dance With Me"
not many albums have the original member.
TSOL is the best band ever. no one agrees, and i want ot knee their face in, but they have reinforcements, so id die and finally meet the devil myself. horray for TSOL no one else.
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TSOL was/is a great punk band from Orange County. They've been around for a LONG time and still put on great shows.

Top 3 albums:
#1 - Beneath The Shadows
#2 - Dance With Me
#3 - Weathered Statues

Related: Jack Grisham is/was running for California governor for the 10/07/03 recall election.

And to that "Davey Havok" kid posting here, get your facts straight! TSOL is NOT an East Coast band. Bleh!
I saw TSOL at The Glass House and the crowd went nuts for Code Blue.
by Hatebear August 13, 2003
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besides being a great southern Califonia punk band it also stands for TOUGH SHIT OUT of LUCK!
Look you homeless mother fucker I will not give you a fucking dollar, you are TSOL my friend!
by Karl Bakla June 26, 2005
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tsol sucks i hate them with a passion there a bunch of blood fucks that think there good i know so many better bands like these:peter & the test tube babies,crass,totalitar,the cadgers,clit 45,u.k subs,the havoc,crucifix,skrewdriver,appendix,kaaos,suicidal tendencies,Aus rotten so go fuck off tsol and suck my dick
I SAW A tsol cd so i took a shit on it
by JOSH November 06, 2004
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