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Some fruity kid that has a bunch of piercings, possibly tattoos (depends, because some of them puss out when they realize what idiots they will look like), pretends that their lives suck as they come to school/work in the luxury sports car their daddy bought them (black, of course "like their soul"), and goes around dissing everyone's music or anyone that listens to a band that has a fanbase of over 2 because it's so not cool to listen to a band that more than 2 people have heard of. Music talent may vary, but mostly they are worthless sacks of shit, so you can only assume the music they make sucks. Also tend to write really awful and morbid poetry, with their only friend the Thesaurus so it makes them look more intelligent than they actually are (which most of them AREN'T).

Last thing that should be mentioned is that they usually wear clothing with a lot of patches on them that don't make any sense, or try to show off their "awesome" nonconformist way, but do not realize they ARE, in fact, conforming. They fit in with the queer crowd quite nicely...

Basically... well, yeah, this trend needs to END... Now go start a terrible grind core band named "Murdering Kittens", and try to look even "cooler".
Cool Goth/Punk 1: Dude, I have so many piercings
Cool Goth/Punk 2: Naw, dude, I have more piercings...
Frustrated father: Kids, kids... Lets settle this... You are both faggots..
by DDark February 25, 2005
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