5 definitions by Jack Adick

The rectum of a female or even male that has been fucked roughly or "slammed" so many times that it is totally reamed out at a much larger size that it can stretch to anytime, at will. Making it useful for quick anal action with absolutely no effort.
I'm going over to Sally's house tonight because I heard that bitch has an elastic asshole.
by Jack Adick January 7, 2005
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A style of clothing but not really music. Anything with the term goth concentrates mostly on clothing and fashion among teens who think they are rebellious but are really just cowards who haven't learned to properly define themselves yet. Most little smart ass bastards involved in the craze don't know anything about real rock music or heavy metal.
Those "Goth punk" kids claim to be against conformity, yet in actuality they are no better than the other social clicks they claim to despise.
by Jack Adick January 7, 2005
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Any drink that gets you relatively "fucked up" or "krunked", especially malt liquor eightballs. See "maltlicious".
Ben and I went to the "Get N' GO" and bought a shit load of krunk juice.
by Jack Adick January 6, 2005
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Shitty, simple and repeatative type of industrial music that nerdy teenage boys (who think they're cool) use to try to seduce preteen sluts with.
Ran rolled up to the middle school in his shitty car and pumped his latest techno CD ,hoping to score some preteen ass.
by Jack Adick January 7, 2005
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One of those stupid, superficial teenage cunts, concerned souly with men who are built physically perfect in their eyes, who go to a shopping mall trying to peddle some cheap pussy to these sports obscessed, ego maniac dicks. They are only a mall slut if the pussy is peddled for free. Lake Region High School in Eagle Lake Florida is where they spend most of their days during the Fall, Srping, and Autumn.
Amanda may only be a sophmore at Lake Region but she's already a full blown mall slut.
by Jack Adick January 6, 2005
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