"crap 'phrase' made to stereotype to completely different styles or rock into one so some dumbarsed pop/hip hop/r&b/woteva loving twat can TRY and insult ppl because they like a style of music, it takes a lot less talent to get ppl to write lyrics 4 u and stand in front of a camera saying them to a beat"

I agree a 100% with that, I don't listen to pop rock or goth rock per se, I listen to metal. KoRn has some gothic influence as far as tone of some of their songs, especially Blind. SOAD is more punk leaning as far as lyrics and melody.
Maybe I should ask a DJ at a prom to play some classic "gay goth punk rock" hits like Blind by KoRn or Sugar by SOAD. Can't think of a better way to shock these MTV trend-whoring pop/rap junkies.
by Sam February 25, 2004
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The guy made the definition obviously hasn't heard a full song from Korn or SOAD, much less tried to learn or interpet their lyrics. Probably saw their music videos once on MTV, and changed the channel after 5 seconds because they looked different. Most likely a trendy-ass music prep that listens to nothing but pop and (c)rap shit played on TRL and doesn't know the difference between a punk and a goth. I'm not crazy about Slipknot and haven't heard of saliva, but anyone that calls Korn or SOAD gay are trying too soft to handle their music or too dumb to appreciate their artistry(especially that of SOAD).
by Sam February 15, 2004
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An other "type" of goth with a general knowledge of Goth Culture. They give their own "flair" to the scene by being to such an extreme of non-conformist that they often don't get the approval of other more traditional goths because their quite a bit "wilder" in behavior than others.
The typical dress of a Punk Goth is not always all black. They tend to like a more "punky" look with accessories like wristbands, beanies, and chains hanging from their pants or long shorts.
by Jeff Minix September 24, 2006
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This is what I am. It may sound a little contradictory, but most things in life are. I listen to Ska, Punk, Goth, and Emo music, and dress in a vivid mixture of these fashions. Someone like this will gravitate towards certain kinds of Ska, with a cheerful, lively tune and horns, but with quite morbid lyrics.See some Reel Big Fish and quite a bit of Mustard Plug. Contrary to what many people will tell you, the lifestyles of Gothicism and Emo are not just something that a teenager 'decides' to be. Anyone who decides to be Emo or Gothic is a poser, though they are most likely real if they started out badly, as something like a Chav or Prep, and then slowly progressed toward being a Goth or Emo over a period of years, usually without them even noticing until it's happened in full. And by then it is too late, and they have joined our ranks. A Rudie is NOT the same thing as a Chav or Pikey. They are completely different, and all you need to be a Rudie is a love for Ska and that rude attitude n_n.
{Teh rest of this is just to take up space}
by The Gothic Jesus November 5, 2006
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