One of the greatest punk bands to date. The lead singer was often depicted dressing up as Alex from Clockwork Orange. Great band with a great sound. Must listen.
The Adicts are a great band.
by Jared Bishop July 26, 2004
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what song shall we listen too droogs get addicted, viva la revolution, chinesse takeaway or sound of music
by Droog November 01, 2003
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an adiction to urban dictionary a person who spends all day on urban dictionary the reason for random buttion
I have a UD adiction so what
by josh 1 June 06, 2012
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Man 1: Hey everybody I'm a cheese adict
Man 2: What's a cheese adict?
Man 1: Mmmmmmmmmm CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!!!
Man 2: OOOOOkay get away from me!
Man 1: Must eat CHEEEEESE, get back here or I will eat your cheese MUHAHAHAHAHAHA
by Da Hamalli January 23, 2007
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One who has obbsesions with passing gas through the back passage around 1000 times a day. They try fartings anonomous but they got kicked out for setting the fire alarm off. I guess that they just love the smell of their own brand !
Laura Byrne a girl who is helpless she cannot stop and she has started bottleling up her fart productions and selling them as her brand smells so good and well from my own experience i would recomend buying it !!!!! She is a Fart Adict
by Fartadictsbestfreind February 16, 2011
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