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1. A statement used for your trust in return. Otherwise said by someone that swears to be there because you are going through hard times. A statement of LOYALTY,FRIENDSHIP, and or PROTECTION from anyone or anything that will cause you harm.
Don't worry about anyone nor anybody, you ride with me now, I gotchu.
by TexanaDeLaView August 17, 2019
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Gotchu. Meaning I got you. I understand you--I get where you are coming from. I've got it.
Timmy's mom: Timmy, shut up.

Timmy: Gotchu.
by Yoboiigotchu July 22, 2014
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Rob: "can you go pick up my _?"
Bob: *in a cool way* "gotchu."

Rob: "Thx man"
by coolkitty222 September 14, 2020
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2. Usually a reply of hurt, anger, and or embarrassment from someone that thought you and him/her were better then that. YOU, either embarrassed them in front of others or hurt them deeply. A promise that it is not over, eye for an eye.Meaning to bring out fear or regret.
"You turned on me and when all I did was be there for you and accepted you as blood, but ok. I see how it is partner, I gotchu"
by TexanaDeLaView August 17, 2019
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