I see how it is is a phrase which can describe various situations like for example people with ulterior motives and people with no respect at all for you when they show you their true colors.

It can be said in a jokey sarcastic way between people and doesn't have necessarily have to be a serious situation.
Or when someone doesn't understand the situation of someone and only think one way. The other person sees they wasted their time and sees that the other person is very cleverly sneaky in their ways to obtain something they want regardless of the outcome for you whether it be catastrophic for you when you realize he is not what he seems and acts under false pretenses.
Also when someone thinks you owe them something or need to prove something to them when the truth is it not the case but they just want to control or put you down.
And lastly people who ask to many questions personally or obtain information when they don't even know you only for the purpose for something more sinister even when there is nothing or no real reason.
For Example, when someone uses you to get something or when he around other people or in a place of your surroundings he shows his true colors and has no respect for anything and disrespects you to show you up or give you a bad name so in the future you will have problems. The other person who realizes the true colors of this person and says I see how it is.
by KeepItRealDozzon August 22, 2012
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It is a various phrase used in all sorts of situations including two faced people
two-faced - marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another; "she was a deceitful scheming little thing"- Israel Zangwill; "a double-dealing double agent"; "a double-faced infernal traitor and schemer"- W.M.Thackeray hence I see how it is
by JohnGallop October 6, 2012
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The term or phrase "I see how it is" is referred to or can be translated as "I understand how it is" or "I have seen or released something as a fact. It can be used to anyone but normally to someone who you either know or have a conversation with where the say something or do something which you didn't expect.

"I see how it is" is also used in very complicated situations where you think you have worked it out.

It can and is often used sarcastically between friends or as a joke way.

It is often also a word to say how a relationship has broke down or trust or most likely loyalty to one another.

"I see how it is" is also used when someone thinks you don't know something but you don't want to say so you hint it to them
For example, Mr Smith says to Mr Hill, remember the time when I sorted that general thing for you pretending to be helpful in return for that favor you did for me. Well, I only did it to get information out of you and now you owe me? Mr Hill, well that's very mean of you now isn't it, I was suspicious u did it for that reason even though you was returning the favor but I thought you was a good person and not a snake. Mr Smith says Dog eat dog world and by way I need you to sort this out for me or I will make things difficult for you and now you owe me. Mr Hill says "I see how it is"

Another example Mick and Mack are close friends in a bar, they see two very attractive girl looking at them and get signals from her and Mick is sure she is looking at him.Mick says to Mack, She looks good and I think, I am going to go chat to her. Mick pops to to the toilet. When Mick gets back Mack has already driven her away by telling her some bad jokes about Mick. Mick tells Mack and Mack laughs and says well thanks for messing it up for me lol. I see how it is.

For example between family, friends or relationships where trust or loyalty is broken down, the person who feels let down says "I see how it is"
by DJMattyMac August 16, 2012
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A five-letter phrase to either sarcastically but sometimes literally imply that you are deeply insulted or offended by what was just said.

The first two words to the phrase "I see" are the equivilent to "I understand".

The beauty of this phrase is that "it" can refer to just about anything, and is vague enough to seem as if you have misinterpereted the meaning behind what was just said in more exaggerated terms that have offended you much more than what was intended. It can be used to express that you are insulted or that you feel exluded or to pursuade someone into taking back a rejection or reconsider turning down an offer. "I see how it is" is sometimes followed by reasonings as to how "it" (whatever "it" may be) is how it is. It is a creative twist to the phrase "Don't be like that" or "don't be hate'n".

"I see how it is" can also refer to a relationship, and is a shortened version of "I see how it is between us". This use is usually meant to sarcastically tell another person that you are enlightened by how the relationship has changed for the worst (sometimes by simply what was just said) or how you have come to an understanding about the person having ulterior motives in the relationship or that to your suprise you discovered through what they just said that they dislike something about you. This can all be included in the reasoning stage after the phrase "I see how it is" is said.

If the person tries to appologize, the phrase "Oh, I see how it is" can be used to interrupt the person before their explanation is finished. Using the phrase in this way cane make it seem as if you are even more insulted, as opposed to leaving a breif silence before "I see how it is" is said. The phrase "I don't want to hear it" can be used even before the reasoning stage (in which "it" is refferring to their appologetic explanation for whatever they just said).

The phrase "I see how it is" almost demands immediate action to be taken or changes to be made in your favor to make up for what was just said.
Case One:

Sue: "Sorry John, but you can't come to my house for dinner tonight. We're having company over and my parents made other plans....."

John: "Oh, OH.. I see... I see how it is!!! I don't want to hear it, Sue. Its just 'cause I'm fat and you're too embarassed to show me off to your family. You think I'll eat everything off the table, but you know what Sue? I'm not the kind of person that would do that. I was taught good manners too you know. I can be a gentleman. I can't believe you think that I'm some sort of slob... Thats not cool, Sue. Not cool at all. Right through the heart... I thought you liked my fat belly. You said it turned you on. And now you expect me to loose weight? Is that it? Like, if you wanted me to do something about my weight you could've just come right out and told me. I know I'm fat. But I never thought it was a problem for you. Why did you lie to me like that?

Case Two:

Joe: Hey Tom, do you want a chip?

Tom: Sure, thanks.

Chris: Oh, you're not gonna offer me one? I see how it is.... its 'cause I'm black isn't it...

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It is a vague description of saying you understand a situation now or u get it, sometimes sarcastically. Basically it means you started to be aware of your surroundings especially people. In a 1 word answer it would be called realizing!
For example: Jon: I promise you I will do you that favour tonight. The next day Jon makes excuses and lies etc and breaks his promise. You also find out later he is sly, two faced etc."I see how it is"

For example you started to see things even more clearly and work out in advance what the bullshit kind of people are planning."I see how it is"

For example you dont say anything but a relationship for someone who you been therefore when times get hard they disappear such as fairweather friends."I see how it is"

or just in general whenever sarcastically or in a situation where u feel like you have have either let down or u clocked on and they think u dont know anything. "I see how it is"

etc etc
by JamJones August 14, 2012
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I see how it is is a phrase which can be said to friends, family or just about anyone either sarcastically or in a joke way or also said to people with fucked up mentalities when you realize what it's all about with their fucked up narrow mindedness and backwardness
For Example, a girl talks to a guy and she is married, she must be a slag. The other guy who hears this from his work colleague is shocked at his jealousy and change of attitude and says I see how it is sarcastically
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It is good to get along with everyone etc etc etc but I see how it is for the people who are either traitors switch sides or have no loyalty in them. this is only acceptable in a very just cause where wrong is being done on an international level or discriminatory level.
Also for people with no loyalty on a friendship level
ok ok ok o k ok I see how it is
by Mrdonatolly October 15, 2012
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