Extremely Pretty, not nessesarly "sexy" usually a girl that you don't wanna bang, Most of the time someone you could spend your life with and not have sex with.
A girl with a great sense of humor, a good personallity, who is smart, and you get the butterflies when you are around
"Oh my god! Lindsay Warner is drop dead GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!"
by Walcott11 October 18, 2008
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To describe something or someone as beautiful, sexy, amazing. Often taken in the context to describe the way a girl presents herself.

Can be used to describe a persons personality or natural beauty.

Very similar to stunning, as in a stunning beauty
1.) Siane you look gorgeous;
2.) That view is gorgeous;
3.) She has a gorgeous personality
by Siane TheWorstBestFriendEver February 21, 2010
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1 a very attractive person

2 A stunningly beautiful girl/guy

Example 1 - I am so ugly it is not even funny....no Tina, you are absolutely gorgeous!

Example 2 - I wish my body looked better......Tina you are the most gorgeous thing i have ever layed eyes on.
by Gregory S. Kemp October 9, 2007
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