Wipe your own loogies off the sink. It's disgusting.
by Jennifer Tai July 21, 2006
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a large slimy glob of spit, mixed with nose snot, that is formed by coughing up and hocking whats in your throat. cooks in restaurants are notorius for making secret deposits on patrons food
I'll take a cheeseburger with french fries, hold the loogie.
by cockblock007 August 24, 2003
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Loogy is a term for a left handed specialist relief pitcher in baseball. It comes from Left Only One Out Guy.
Hafner is coming up so they'll get their loogy ready.
by williama April 19, 2007
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noun - a lump of sputum (as in phelgm) coughed (or, onomatopoeically, "hawked") up from the lungs. "loogie" is a portmanteau word, or alteration and combination, of "lung cookie."
Excuse me; I gotta hawk up a loogie or two, lest I get pneumonia.
by Kaptain Amerika May 23, 2007
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A huge glob of spit.
Yo I chucked a loogy at the principal! He's super pissed so don't drink any more water.
by Blah August 9, 2003
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a ball of snot, sucked down from your nose and spit out of your mouth.
dude, she just hawked a loogi! Awesome, man!
by Josh Rose January 19, 2006
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A wad of phlegm; another name for lunger.
Who splattered that huge loogie on the wall?
by bends February 7, 2003
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