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1) A biological agent that replicates itself and causes harm to its host.
2) A harmful computer program that spreads itself to other computers once contracted, somewhat like its biological counterpart.
1) Viral infections can be prevented through the use of vaccinations.
2) The only vaccination for this type of virus - common sense - seems to be constantly in short supply, which would account for people constantly opening strange or bogus attachments and (surprise, surprise) getting a virus.
by Stryker August 23, 2003

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A teetotalling ogre who has enough friends, featured in the hit game Peasant's Quest}
The kerrek is a teetotaller and is offended by your offer. You've really cheesed him off now.
by Stryker August 17, 2004

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Like tonight.
wha'cha doin t'night?
by Stryker December 31, 2003

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One who is on a lower standard of speech and communication with the rest of the world.
by Stryker April 01, 2003

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Big, badass gean-boosted monster from the Unreal Tournament series. He leads the Juggernaut team and at one point becomes champion.
"Gorge is more than just a survivor; he's a predator with a sweet tooth for suffering."

"Who needs a gun when you've got hands and teeth?"
by Stryker November 19, 2004

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Lord of the Rings for kiddies and people with tiny attention spans who cannot stand to take the time to read and understand true works of literature. An inferior series about the escapades of the main character, Harry Potter, who bears a lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead where his brain was extracted.
And in the news today, lynchings and riots have been reported across the nation as Harry Potter fanboys mobbed nearly every bookstore they could find, trying desperately to get a copy of the newest installment of the Harry Potter book series, entitled "Harry Potter and the House of Ho's".
by Stryker July 31, 2003

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