The act of forcing your index finder up the clothed anus of a friend or stranger, so that they cry out like a startled goose, the word "goose" must be said before the action takes place
i shouted goose in the pub, no one covered up, so guy in front of me got a bit of a surprise when my finger penetrated his anus through his pants, so shocked infact he had no words to protest against the action, so he just squawked like a dishevelled goose.
by jkbomb91 March 30, 2015
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To awkwardly walk away from a conversation you no longer want to engage in.
"This girl started to talk about marriage, so I had to goose."

"Me and Nikki met this creepy dude we couldn’t handle him, so we double goosed."
by Sofizzle May 24, 2014
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Your wingman at the bar. He'll take the bullet for you; fat or fugly, he'll tame the beast. Originated from the movie Top Gun, Goose was always Maverick's wingman.
"Hey Mav, you ready to do this?"
"Goose, your a sick fuck."
by steviep. March 01, 2010
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1. The late friend of 'Maverick.'
2. One who takes well to 'Great Balls of Fire.'
1. "Goose! Pull out! GOOOSEEE!"
2. "You shake my nerves, and rattle my brain..." - Goose
by LORD HELL FEAR BLOOD March 18, 2003
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n. A term of endearment generally used to describe a member of the preferred sex that one finds cute, lovable, and sweet.
I cannot believe you woke up so early just to come visit me for fifteen minutes. You are such a wonderful goose.
by mrgnfnx February 17, 2009
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Is a playful way to say sex, smash, and all terms to say fuck! It comes from the game "duck duck goose" but was used in a game called "hide go get it." Also it commonly from the pants pressing days as a child.
I want to goose you down? Ok, lets goose!
by Mropevargas November 17, 2010
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