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(Feelings) an short-lived, distinct pattern that varies the oscillation from time to time.
(Action) the act of smashing anyone who that is ready to have sex
(Ex. Feelings.) She likes me so I'm on crush mode, she is the only one I'm thinking about
(Ex. Action) Forget that dog, she can cheat if she wants thats between her and her man, I'm on crush mode, I'm goosing that tonight
by Mropevargas December 17, 2010

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Is a playful way to say sex, smash, and all terms to say fuck! It comes from the game "duck duck goose" but was used in a game called "hide go get it." Also it commonly from the pants pressing days as a child.
I want to goose you down? Ok, lets goose!
by Mropevargas November 17, 2010

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