A mock term of the company google that is a derivative of gulag. It is often being used to describe google's censorship on their platforms such as YouTube and their other services. Censorship on google goes far as altering search results on google and banning certain links that don't fit their political narrative
Guy 1: Google just censored a link to some image-board
Guy 2: Google should just go ahead and change their name to goolag
by dankm3m3rzz June 4, 2018
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The place where kids at Nickelodeon theme parks go when they've been naughty. Kids are sent to do manual labour, which in turn keeps the park running. When a prisoner doesn't do their work on time, they're sprayed with goo until they start to work faster.
"Jimmy's been a bad boy, send him to the Goolag"
by washmybigjohn November 4, 2021
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Alternative spelling/name for Google, a play on words that means to suggest the Silicon Valley search company is something like the infamous Soviet camps where prisoners were worked and starved to death as part of one of the 20th century’s worst genocides.
by ditchgoolag September 26, 2017
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A pejorative term for Google because of their tightening censorship and search result manipulations, as well as their internal company policy which pretends to support free speech but actually fires employees that have deviating opinions.

'Goolag' is a reference to 'Gulag', which is a term for labor camps of the former Soviet Union in which many people were detained that had dared to criticize the system.
#1: Did you hear the news? Google really fired this poor guy because of suggesting to have more ideological diversity in the company.

#2: WTF?? Google is turning more and more into Goolag.
by _red_pilled_ August 9, 2017
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The most appropriate interjection expressed when exerting a great deal of physical effort.
Man. I wish I didn't have to go to class right now, because my bookbag is so heavy. Time to pick it up. *Goolag!* Now I'm ready to go to class!
by Maria April 5, 2005
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